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New everything, who dis?

I’m almost a week into my new place, new city, new state, ‘bout to be new number and car too...but this time of unpacking and making lists of still needed essentials has caused me to reflect (I’m always reflecting tbh). I decided to relocate because I want an opportunity to start over and start fresh. I wanted my kids to be involved in activities that will foster educational and social growth. And while I’m working on two major projects, both of which will be beneficial to my T&T, bringing them to KY would allow so much more to happen. It hit me today that moving away from your established area to a new area handles a huge chunk of that, but it does not encompass everything. A true fresh start requires a mental change. If you’re looking to start over, that means some ties need to be cut; some habits ended; an openness to new things established; and new routines set. Another part deals with acknowledging your goals. Take inventory—are these goals the same now that there’s been a relocation? Are there new goals that are necessary? What is your current progress on your goals? You must analyze your expectations. What do you expect from your move? What must you do to reach those expectations? What sacrifices are you willing to make in order to reach your expectations? What will you do if your move isn’t living up to your expectations? Most importantly, if you’ve moved to allow for a fresh start, what aspects are you wanting to change? This is KEY!!! And if you haven’t figured it out yet, you had better do it soon. Failing to address this key factor will have you freshly starting a new heap of the same BS, and unless you lied to yourself before, this IS NOT what you want. What are your new boundaries? You set the rules now, so what are they? Part of me feels like my life is one that could run fairly the same regardless of where I lived. Kinda like a person sitting on a bench but the background behind them changes. That’s still my belief and that’s still true of my life. BUT, I want a fresh start. I want to change the course of some things. I want to start new things. I want to make other things happen. Etcetera, etcetera... The point is, I can’t get a fresh start while holding on to rotten shit and neither can you.  Any other pointers? Let me know!! 

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