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You down for the ride? Or is this your stop?

(I realllly wanted to do a ‘Kiki, do you love me’ spin-off right here, but I think imma hold it.) If I have to ask if you’re on board, then you’re obviously not on board. Ladies, stop asking questions that have answers written clearly on the wall. Nowadays, guys are quick with the comeback, “well you didn’t call me either” when you say you hadn’t heard from them all day. 😳🙄These dudes nowadays are too busy and have lots of options. Who knows what the real story is—maybe they’re sitting on the couch playing Fortnite or laid up with someone else. But when they’re inconsistent, we strive to be consistent, to lead by show that we are willing to do what we’re asking for. We do it to show that we are patient, understanding, and willing to work with them; to put forth the effort. To show them exactly what we want and expect....but they don’t hear us!! 

They don’t hear us because they’re not listening. That has nothing to do with you...well it does, BUT not in a bad way. They’re not listening because they missed their stop; they’re not supposed to be riding with you.  A lesson that was retaught to me over and over 😩🙄 I eventually got it tho. You’ve seen the memes—He goes a few days without calling, then when he does he’s surprised that you’ve lost interest. This is exactly how we need to be. Be that girl. And it isn’t a game—it’s real life. I’ve experienced calls everyday, all day. I’ve experienced “my bad love, I’m just seeing your message.” I’ve also experienced the every other week “wyd” and “imy” message. And oh, I can’t forget the one where days go by, you reach out, and it’s like, “hey boo! I’ve been just busy, but I didn’t forget about you.” Cut it out! If I can get the calls every day, all day, then I know it’s a real thing and there’s no need to settle for anything less. If you can go days without talking to me, you can keep on going. It’s ok to be nice and to check on people. It’s more than nice, it’s actually something you should do, but when you do it, make sure your expectations are in check. Reach out only if you really want to check on them, and once you do, keep it moving. Don’t linger in hopes that they’ll realize something in that phone call and all will be different. Even if a great conversation ensues, let that suffice. Check in—move out. Too often we try to “do our part” to keep the lines of communication clear “just in case” they know you’re interested, but truth be told, if he’s feeling you too, he’ll follow through. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #truththursday #lessons #lessonlearned #whatheywant #whatamanwants #pursuit #hewantsyou #men #mcm #shrug #whereisbae #relationships #wisdom 

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