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Nights like this

Nights like this I wish...lovedrops would fall. Nights like this I wish he was here. I don’t think I know him yet. Based on my romantic history, it doesn’t seem like I’ve met him yet. But I pray he does exist and that he is coming soon. Nights like this I wish I could curl up beside him, discussing our hopes and dream. With my head on his chest, his hand in my hair. Kissing each other’s faces and lips. Breathing in each other’s scent. Nights like this I wish to have the security of knowing what we have is real. There will be no thoughts of him being untrue clouding my mind. I’ll know he’s mine. Nights like this I wish that he’d crawl into bed behind me. He’d pull up to my bumper, arm across my body. After I’d fall asleep, I’m awaken by kisses on my neck and a hard dick on my ass. Smooth hands caressing my arms and holding me tight. Nights like this I wish he’d whisper in my ear words that make my heart smile; that console me; that motivate me. I wish he’d promise me forever. He’s sure he loves me all the way. He promises to take care of me because I’m his everything. Nights like this I wish he’d pull my panties down and speak to her before uttering a word to me. His tongue licks and sucks my clit. His beard brushes the insides of my thigh, his hands grab my thighs. Nights like this I wish the restlessness and uncertainty is put to ease by him. His demeanor, his words, his actions. He’ll be my King and I’ll be his Queen. Nights like this I wish I was riding him, my hands on a smooth chest. Looking down at a trimmed beard the color of sulfur. Peering into eyes that assure we are connected. Nights like this I wish upon a star and pray he’s on his way. I pray all of the bullshit I’ve gone through is to make certain I’ll know it’s him. Nights like this I wish lovedrops would fall.

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