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Melanin + Confederate flags + Outer Banks

We are truly the anomaly out here vacationing on the Outer Banks. As I was waiting to pull out from the park, two trucks drove past--both sporting huge CONFEDERATE flags from the bed of their trucks. At that moment it dawned on me that the majority of the people who were within feet from me moments prior may have carried hatred in their heart for me simply because I'm black. For someone to be so PRESSED to express their hatred that they attached a flag that is wider than my wingspan to their vehicle, to parade around everywhere they decide to go, is saddening. Sometimes I wonder, like why the fuck do you hate us? We have not done a damn thing to you. I guess that’s what white privilege gets you—it allows you to hate a group of people for NO REASON. A group of people that you once “owned” until the laws finally acknowledged that blood runs through our body just as every damn other race. Like, you had us oppressed for so damn long and now you’re mad because we are establishing ourselves in society??? Your ancestors literally OWNED US, like a person owns a dog, or a house, or a car...and you're pissed off because that shit doesn't fly anymore??? So you come up with everything else, every other way to belittle us, look down on us, shelter yourself from us, separate yourself from us, and for no reason. You're no better than me. You're no better than anyone else I know. You relieve yourself just like I do, you bleed just like I do, and you'll die just like I will. No other race could handle being Black. It requires a different type of strength to not go the fuck off when someone thinks you're shit and they don't have a single reason to do so. It takes a different type of strength to see these flags and have to explain to your child what they mean. Ya'll got it easy. Keep hating. We are just going to keep shining regardless. #brownskinpopping #blackgirlsrock #blackgirlmagic #blacklivesmatter #blacklove #blackandproud #brownskin 

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