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Always looking out 😏

Amen. I've been hit with one challenge after another this week, but even tho I get knocked off my track, I remind myself that God always has my back, regardless. I've learned that every time something was taken away or someone decides to walk away, it/he/she was replaced by something better. I tend to worry and "freak out" in the moment. I'll go on and on, sharing my feelings, asking a bunch of questions in an attempt to understand or to reason with the change. But eventually something happens (a dropped call, a coworker asking a question, my child doing something amazing, or any other real life occurrence) that snaps me out of that trance...I come off that and my mind is able to reassess the situation and see it for what it's really worth. (Can't tell me that's not God talking) It's an uncomfortable feeling when ish seems to be going wrong. You think to yourself that if it didn't go right, then you must've made a wrong decision or move at some point and you grow concerned with what your next move should/will be, afraid of making the same mistake. The queen of overthinking (that's me) is telling you to not over think it!! Things don't always work according to our plans. Sometimes we reach the planned or intended destination, but the details in the middle may have also included detours, delays, and accidents. I'm reminded that the point is to have faith that whatever the intended destination, if God sees fit, you'll make it there one way or another. And more importantly, it will be multitudes better that anything you could imagine. You just have to chose and keep choosing to understand that any change is for the better. It may not be evident in the moment, but trust you will eventually see. Keep working hard, stay true to what you know or feel is right, stay away from bs, and remain faithful to your dreams. 💋 

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