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This a rough draft and preview of a short story to be featured in my sophomore release, "Kissing in the Dark". 

4 (refers to the level of raunchiness. This story is a level 4 on a 5 point scale. This scale is something I'm considering adding to each story.)

I adjusted my breasts in my dress. Zero fucks given. I'd just listened to Beyonce's newest, Formation, and I was ready to slay. I knew I hadn't been slaying, not the way I was supposed to. So fuck it. Now was the time. We'd been dancing around the decision too long. Deliberating. Making changes. Hearing suggestions. It was a tug-of-war. And while I learned a lot of lessons on the journey, I was sick of the scenery. My first order of business was to get my business. I was ready to fucking slay. I called up the meeting. I hadn't planned what to say. I hadn't really thought of their next string of rebuttals. But I knew my business and I knew I wasn't going to hear no again. Either I was going to hear that three letter word or I was going to find another avenue. It was simple. My delivery must've had them amazed. Maybe they'd listened to Beyonce's song and was scared. I didn't know. I didn't care. I got my three letter word, and now, I was officially slaying. I texted him. He loved sex. He loved her. I loved him. He didn't know I loved him and it didn't matter. I settled for sex with him because I knew he wasn't the one, love or not. He treated me like a queen and today, I was feeling it. I was slaying. And I was going to slay him. His girlfriend lived out of town and had been the entire time we had our arrangement. I knew what it was before I started and I knew I was wrong and that karma may surely come and bite me in the ass, but it was what it was. My goal wasn’t to hurt anyone or to take what wasn’t mine. At least that’s how I justified it to myself. Within minutes of my text, his hand was sliding up my thigh at the crowded bar, and my hand was on his thigh, while my fingers were touching his dick. I could feel it pulsating. He grabbed my thigh and leaned in to me as I grazed his dick through his pants. "What's gotten into you?" He asked. "Nothing yet", I responded. He smirked. He thought he knew what was up. He knew he was going to get some of this pussy. But he had no idea how this pussy was going to be served tonight. We took care of the check, and made our way up the block to his condo. In the elevator, the foreplay began. He reached around and pinched my nipples through my dress with his left hand. His right hand was headed to my clit. His dick was squeezed into the cushion of my ass. I pushed back into him as he played with my hard nipples. We got off the elevator, took a few steps to his door, but before the door slammed shut, clothes were coming off. We made it to the bedroom. He was completely naked, but one piece of clothing remained on my body, my thong because I knew how enjoyed taking them off. I assumed my favorite position, ass up, face down. He slid two fingers into me after he took my thong off, probably to determine if he needed to put in anymore work before giving me my shared dick. Obviously satisfied with the results, he slowly entered me. He paused. Seconds later, his saliva slid down the crack of my ass and landed between my lips and on his dick. He pushed himself back inside me. The added wetness pushed me a little further. I grabbed the bars in the wrought iron headboard and threw it back. "Ohhh...shit!", he exclaimed. I threw it back harder. Trevor moaned so deep, it sounded like a large animal had snuck in the room. His moan was like my drug; I would hear it, and be instantly snatched into another world. I was supposed to slay him tonight. His hand smacked my right cheek and it jiggled. His hand smacked my left cheek and it jiggled. He grabbed me at the top of my ass and matched my thrusts, then stopped us. He pushed my ass cheeks apart and pulled his dick out. Liquid ran down and tickled my clit. When he put him back in, he did so slowly. It felt like forever before his thighs touched mine. He slowly pulled out. My cheeks were still spread apart. I wondered what it looked like. I was envious of his view. I considered having him film us but—that was tabled until a later time. I wondered if he could see my juices escaping my body. He slid him back in, slowly. He pulled me back, into him. His dick was so deep, it had to be knocking on my cervix's door. I was throwing it back, making all sorts of noises expel from his body, but I wasn't in control. I wasn't slaying--yet. "Baby," I said. Between his thrusts, he whispered, "yea"? "Come sit here," I said as I motioned for him to take my spot. When his dick slid out of me, you could hear the wetness. I put the pillows against the iron rails to support his back. His dick was so hard, it could hold a towel up. He sat down and I debated having him eat me out, or me tasting my juices. There was no doubt that both would happen, it was a matter of the order of which they would happen. I crawled between his legs, opened my mouth and took as much of him as I could. With my tongue and my lips, I applied pressure and sucked my juices along my one way trip to the tip. The muscles in his thighs tightened as I reached the tip. I did a little dance with my tongue on the head, and his knees buckled. My cum had a sweet aftertaste, maybe from the fruit I'd eaten earlier or the mango Ciroc. It was his turn to taste it. I stood up and his eyes followed mine. He grabbed his dick as I placed my hand on top of the headboard. I lowered myself to his face. He kissed her, over and over. It was a tease because each time I felt the warmth of his mouth, I knew his tongue would make contact, but not until no less than 15 kisses were planted. Finally, his tongue parted my lips. I rocked back and forth so I could feel his tongue on the insides of my lips. I whispered, "suck my clit". He quickly obliged. I was a runner because his tongue game was 'A+' and I didn't want to cum quick. He tried to grab my thighs to hold me in place, but my thighs were too slippery. I bounced onto his face while his tongue slid in and out of me. He knew I enjoyed that, but that wasn't the way to make me cum. He knew that sucking my clit would have my screaming to the gawds! I was grabbing the rails so tight, my hands began to hurt. I was trying to hold on, hold out, but his tongue always made me weak. I finally straightened my legs and caught my breath. I lowered myself again, spreading my lips with my right hand. I looked down and our eyes met. His lips closed around my clit and his tongue went to work. My eyes closed for a few seconds as the tingles ran through my body. When I reopened my eyes, his were still on mine. I knew what he was looking for. He wanted to stare into my eyes as I exploded into his mouth and that wish was about to be granted. He successfully grabbed ahold of my thighs. His tongue worked faster, his lips a little tighter, and I gasped. I couldn't imagine what my face looked like, I just saw his cheekbones raise as he tasted my fruit flavored cum. He wasn't done, he knew I'd normally squirm and pull away, but not today. I was going to take all of it. I rocked back and forth so his tongue was traveling all over her. He smacked my ass as I bounced up and down. Then he went back to my clit until every drop of cum that was on that sex trip was now out of me. I sat down on the bed next to him. His face was soaked and I was proud of my accomplishment, but there was more slaying to do. "Oh, so you're not running anymore from my tongue?" He asked. I chuckled, "not today babe."

To be edited and continued. Let me know your thoughts. 💋

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