Single. Taken. Dreaming. 2017

Had to repost my own post from a few weeks ago because I'm so excited by how things are coming into play.

The decision to be an entrepreneur ( did not lead to an easy road; the decision to get my book published ( hasn't been a bunch of glitz and glamour either; the other ideas I'll be putting into play will probably be more stress than I think I can handle, but I'm ready to continue building my empire for my T&T. I see God's work in my life so I have no choice but to see it through. He did not bring me this far to not carry me through.

I've been in the gym faithfully for about 3 months, so now the next thing for me to tackle is my nutrition and making my eating more healthy so I can live up to my #33willlookdamngoodonme hashtag. #getfitandthick 💪🏾is definitely a goal! Proper planning prevents poor performance. My issue is eating healthy while on the go--and because I can't really eat a salad while I'm driving 👀, I'll use it as an excuse. Smh. #2017yearofnoexcuses

2016 left me emotionally battered #fu2016 (beat down, cut up, fucked up, cried out and left for dead... blog coming soon about this) but led me to financial security #iloveualilbit2016. I've spent this year working towards my 7 streams of income. Became a landlord and built up my Acorns account to about $1,200 just from rounding up my change! (Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code: Acorns Invite). I even made $130 from rebates using ibotta (and that's nothing compared to what some of my other friends have accumulated. Get $10 when you use my referral code Ibotta Invite) Saved for rainy days, and put some business ideas in action to be more financially secure in the future. Through it all, I've healed my heart, found a deeper love for myself, and realized what I truly need to be passionate about.

While I could rehash every negative moment I've experienced in these last 12 months, and dwell on the many obstacles I've had to overcome, everything was truly a blessing in disguise. It's even a blessing for me to be able to look at it that way. #blessed

I'm not single. I'm not taken. I'm deeply in love with the dreams and goals that have festered in my heart, mind and soul.

2017, I hope you're magical ✨, but whatever you are, I'm going to make the most out of you!

#singlelife #building #focus #entreprenuer #dreams #thoughts #2017 #goals #goaldigger #plans

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