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Release Date: December 30, 2019
Publisher: Tertal Publishing, LLC
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Have you noticed that there are some reoccurring issues in your life? Have you found yourself overly frustrated or disappointed when reflecting on issues you've had to deal with?


I invite you on this journey with me. These questions were birthed from real bs, real struggle, real concern and they will guide you to knowing and understanding the real you. 


I’ve come to understand that expecting someone to love you wholly when you don’t even know yourself wholly is a tall task. Self-discovery, self love, self awareness aren’t just trendy hashtags, they’re vital to your well being. 


There is literally NO SHAME in getting to know yourself better!


You will receive a journal specifically for you to write your thoughts and answers to the questions. The questions will be sent to you every Sunday with a video to help get you writing via email. Guiding and refocusing questions will also be sent throughout the week to promote thought generation. 

If you're still not sure if self discovery is necessary, complete the survey. Click here.

*Emal subscription is required.

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