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Writing has always been a passion.  Over the years, writing has given me joy, healed my heart, and allowed me to express my craziest thoughts.  I am a strong believer in the power of writing and reading.  After reading my first Eric Jerome Dickey book in ninth grade, I began to fall in love.

What started out as a hobby, became something more.  On my 24th birthday, I purchased a notebook from Target and starting writing my debut novel, "Trust Issues."

Working full-time, returning to school, birthing two children, and life in general, kept me from focusing on this dream for many years.

But now, I am ready.


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Every other Thursday, read a snippet from "Kissing in the Dark"

Have you always wanted to get that fantasy that's been dancing around in your head, out?  Yes! I know you may actually want to act it out, but the next best thing is to write it out!  You give me the details and I create the story, just for you and your characters.

Or check out one of my stories!

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